Saverio Bolognani

Automatic Control Laboratory
ETH Zurich

Physikstrasse 3, ETL K 13.2, CH-8092 Zurich
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About me

I am a Senior Scientist in Prof. Florian Dörfler's group, at the Automatic Control Laboratory of ETH Zurich.

I am passionate about applications of networked control theory to complex systems like power grids and autonomous mobility. I care about the efficiency of these systems, but also their fairness. I am currently looking into the intersection between nonlinear optimization and feedback control design, and I always like to learn more about control theory, distributed optimization, stochastic optimization, and game theory.

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News and latest talks

11 January 2024 - Watt d'Or 2024 Award

Together with Lukas Ortmann, Florian Dörfler, and the power distribution company AEW, we received the Watt D'Or award by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.

More info is in the ETH Zurich article, the NCCR Automation article, and the official Watt D'Or award page.

14 December 2023 - Tutorial on Congestion Control in Multi-Area Transmission Grids Via Online Feedback Equilibrium Seeking

Slides available at 

18 November 2023 - ETH Golden Owl Award

ETH Zurich awarded me with the Golden Owl for excellence in teaching. The Owl is awarded by the VSETH, ETH Zurich’s students association.

I am indebted to Nicolas Lanzetti Keith Moffat Sophie Hall and Alberto Padoan for their immense and generous help while serving as Teaching Assistants for the course!

1 November 2023 - Transactions on Power Electronics (TPEL) Prize Paper Award

I will be at ECCE 2023 to receive this award for our paper "Data-Driven Continuous-Set Predictive Current Control for Synchronous Motor Drives" by Paolo Gherardo Carlet, Andrea Favato, Saverio Bolognani,  Florian Dörfler [ DOI | preprint | slides ]

25 September 2023 - First lecture of the Game Theory and Control course

We started by having students play the Karma Game, which was a lot of fun and showed how a carefully designed game can work surprisingly well at coordinating agents' decisions!

The teaching material for this course is also available here.

22 May 2023 - Last lecture of the new Computational Control course

An excellent guest lecture by Prof. Behcet Acikmese concludes the Computational Control course. We covered the basics of optimal control, MPC, data-driven control, and reinforcement learning. It was a lot of fun and an intense semester!

12 May 2023 - From behaviors and codes to intelligent network systems

A Workshop on the occasion of Fabio Fagnani's and Sandro Zampieri’s 60th birthdays

It was great to be back in Padova to celebrate Fabio and Sandro and to hear what their alumni are busy with!

10 December 2022 - Online Feedback Optimization is running on the Swiss grid!

The distribution grid of AEW Energie AG is currently being controlled by an online feedback optimization controller to provide better voltage quality, safer operation, and lower costs. This new control method has been developed in the last years in our lab, and most of the work was performed by our excellent students Adrian Hauswirth and Lukas Ortmann.

More info on these methods can be found here. Info about the projects that made this possible are here.

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