Computational Control

In the Spring semester I teach the M.Sc. course 227-0216-00L Computational Control.

All the communication happens via Moodle, but you can get in touch directly with me if you have questions on the course and you are not enrolled yet.

Game Theory and Control

In the Fall semester I teach the M.Sc. course 227-0694-00L Game Theory and Control.

Game theory is the study of strategic decision making, and was originally used to solve problems in economics. In this course, we study concepts and methods in non-cooperative game theory and show how these can be used to solve control design problems, emphasizing their possible use in control systems, robotics, and engineering applications.

On similar topics, you can also have a look at our ICRA 2021 workshop on Game-theoretical Motion Planning.
Program - Video recordings - Monograph


  • These slides are a continuous work in progress, and new versions will be posted as soon as they are available.

  • Some parts may be missing important details that I typically cover at the blackboard.

  • Students enrolled in the course at ETH should refer to the material posted on Moodle, as the content of the course may change from year to year.

M.Sc. theses and semester projects

Open proposals

You can see my open thesis proposal on Sirop.

Past theses and semester projects

Final reports are available on the ETH Research Collection.

  • Christian Hartnik, "Game-theoretic modeling and analysis of multimodal transportation systems", 2022

  • Gianni Hotz, "Online feedback optimization for emergency power system operation", 2021

  • Maximilian Degner, "Online feedback optimization for gas compressors", 2021

  • Jonas Matt, "Online feedback optimization for minimal curtailment of renewable generation with real data", 2021

  • Ezzat Elokda, "Karma games - A decentralized, efficient and fair resource allocation scheme", 2020

  • Verena Häberle, "Non-convex feedback optimization with input and output constraints for power system applications", 2020

  • Ashwin Venkatraman, "Real-time control of power systems for voltage collapse prevention", 2018

  • Sandeep Menta, "Feedback optimisation of linear time invariant systems", 2018

  • Christos Konstantinopoulos, "Integration of PV units in the primary and secondary control ancillary services in Switzerland", 2018

  • David Rodriguez Flores, "Time domain performance metrics in optimal inertia placement", 2017

  • Felix Böwing, "Optimal nonlinear frequency control in power systems", 2017

  • Liviu Aolaritei, "A decentralized voltage collapse distance for power distribution networks," 2017

  • József Pázmány, "Constrained optimization over manifolds for power system application," 2017

  • Elena Arcari, "Fast chance-constrained optimization using real-time measurements with applications to power systems," 2017

  • Philipp Lütolf, "Optimal placement of virtual damping and inertia," 2017

  • Alessandro Zanardi, "Constrained optimization over manifolds for power system application," 2016

  • Jan Schulze, "Peer-to-peer clock synchronization in wireless sensor networks," 2016

  • Panagiotis Kyriakis, "Formation of robust networks for secure exchange of cryptocurrencies," 2016

  • Felix Kottmann, "Computational load and congestion control in cloud environments," 2015

  • Dalibor Drzajic, "Energy theft detection using compressive sensing methods," 2015