Saverio Bolognani

Automatic Control Laboratory
ETH Zurich

Physikstrasse 3, ETL K 13.2
CH-8092 Zurich
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ORCID 0000-0002-7935-1385 - Google Scholar

Saverio Bolognani portrait photo

I am a Senior Scientist in Prof. Florian Dörfler's group, at the Automatic Control Laboratory of ETH Zurich. I am passionate about applications of networked control theory to complex systems like power grids and autonomous mobility. I care about the efficiency of these systems, but also their fairness. I am currently looking into the intersection between nonlinear optimization and feedback control design, and I always like to learn more about control theory, distributed optimization, stochastic optimization, and game theory.

News and latest talks

18 July 2022 - IFAC Workshop on Control Applications of Optimization

Tutorial "UNICORN - A Unified Control Framework for Real-Time Power System Operation"

Visit for slides, open access publications, videos, code.

5-7 July 2022 - IFAC Conference on Networked Systems

NecSys22 will take place at ETH in Zurich next summer. It will feature a great list of plenary speakers, an IFAC Young Author Award spotlight presentation, and interactive poster sessions of contributed papers.

Visit for more information!

20-23 June 2022 - EECI International Graduate School on Control

Module M19 "Control and Optimization of Autonomous Power Systems"

Lecturers: Florian Dörfler and Saverio Bolognani

The graduate school on Control and Optimization of Autonomous Power Systems just came to an end. It was an exciting full week of lessons at KTH Stockholm, made possible by the generous hospitality of our host Henrik Sandberg and by a great audience of motivated students.

The course website contains most of the material that we covered and will stay online for the time being.

9 May 2022 - NCCR Automation Symposium on Systems Theory of Algorithms

Iterative algorithms in optimization, games, and learning are dynamical systems with inputs, outputs, and uncertainty. The symposium explores the systems and control theory behind such algorithms shaping our reality.

My talk: "First-Order and Zeroth-Order Optimization Algorithms as Model-Free Feedback Controllers"

NCCR Symposium website - slides

People I work with

Past Ph.D. students

  • Adrian Hauswirth (now at Fortum)

  • Bala Kameshwar Poolla (now at NREL)

Sponsors of my research